Every one wants to get as good results as possible from their treatment and training as possible.

KineLive offers:

  • Real-time biofeedback
  • Finding and treating muscle imbalance efficiently
  • Help to prescribe the correct exercises
  • Optimization of training
  • Results that last longer
  • Motivation for your client
  • Research grade electromyography quality
  • Four modes to serve your needs


Benefits of biofeedback

Research has shown that rehabilitation with biofeedback can give better results and longer lasting improvements, than traditional training. Visual feedback has proven to be even more effective than an audible one.

KineLive visualizes the clients muscle movements and thereby makes it easyer to pinpoint problems and helps to make rehabilitation and training more effective.

With biofeedback you can enhance traditional therapy


Natural movement

KineLive is a wireless biofeedback system, intended for those working with human motion. The wireless measurement units are small and light. This makes free and natural movement possible.


You can explore your clients problems by looking at muscle force,  timing and movement patterns.

You can teach your clients to control their muscle-work in various modes in real time. Derived information is displayed for each cycle in the feedback process so the client can constantly train the correct pattern. You can maximize the forces, tech how to up-train or down-train, train muscle coordination, ergonomic parameters, the timing of muscles and muscle contraction speed.


Fast and automatic reports

With KineLive you can record sessions and get an automatic analysis of the results. An automatic report can be printed and/or results can be transferred to other software applications for documentation or further analysis



KineLive can be used in

  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Sports science
  • Sports training
  • Ergonomics
  • Movement analysis research
  • Neurological studies
  • Bio-mechanics
  • Orthotics and prosthetic