Research has shown that rehabilitation with biofeedback can give better results and longer lasting improvements, than traditional training. Visual feedback has proven to be even more effective than an audible one.

KineLive visualizes the clients muscle movements and thereby makes it easier to pinpoint problems and helps to make rehabilitation and training more effective.

With biofeedback you can enhance traditional therapy

Detect inactive muscle

By instructing your client a known exercise and monitoring the EMG signal you can detect if a muscle is not participating in the motion or if it is weak.

Detect a hyperactive muscle

In some cases one muscle has taken over another muscles role. With KineLive you can see if a specific muscle is hyper active

Bad timing

In some cases muscles can be strong enough but just turn on at a wrong time – either too soon or too late. You can get a quick feedback on the muscle timing with KineLive


Easy statistics

Every motion is controlled and has some variation from the last one. By measuring several cycles of the same movement a more statistical significant result can be obtained.

Fast and automatic reports

With KineLive you can record sessions and get an automatic analysis of the results. An automatic report can be printed and/or results can be transferred to other software applications for documentation or further analysis.

You can see at glance the progress of your client has been making

Detect weaknesses

In some cases underlying weaknesses can be detected by stressing the client. With KineJump single leg jumping can compare left and right sides and evaluate asymmetries.


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